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You Do You - Unless You Want to Wear Flannel This Fall

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Recently I got major hate for sharing my opinion on a style choice on Facebook, but I wont let it affect me. To prove that, I decided to write an article about flannel.

Flannel seems to be everywhere nowadays. I walk into school, and girls and boys are wearing it. It's super popular; everyone loves it. But to me, I've always disliked it. It's not a terrible style choice. I mean, if you feel cute in it, you should totally wear it.

IMHO, I think it looks like a tablecloth - something that would go on my table on Thanksgiving or another holiday. When I see people walking around in flannel, all I see is a tablecloth. Girls wear it around their waists, which I never got either but I understand some girls do that for vag reasons or the weather getting really hot. Some girls just wear them to be cute, which is not wrong. It's always nice to spice up your outfit or add a pop of color. Flannel, however, to me is not cute; I would rather accessorize my outfit with a scarf or a cute necklace.

In my school, wearing flannel would make you like everyone else - basic and mainstream. I choose to not be caught dead in the fabric. Of course, don't let my opinion offend you. Choose your own wardrobe and what you like to wear. If you love flannel, great! It's your style; don't let anyone change it unless you want to!

Thats all for now,
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