'Normal Barbie' Gets Her Period Just Like a Real Girl With 'Period Party' Kit

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A Barbie doll that gets her period? Um. What now? Lammily dolls, which are known as "Normal Barbies," released their doll with more realistic proportions and flaws in the past. Now Lammily is making their dolls even more real with an accessory pack that celebrates getting her period.

Creator Nickolay Lamm explained to TIME: "It's just what happens in real life. We wanted to put it on the doll so it's not a scary thing."

To be clear, the doll doesn't actually get her period, she's just prepared with a kit of necessities to get her through the crimson wave. Kids can get the "Period Party" extension kit for their Lammily doll, including info about getting your period, 18 pads, underwear and a calendar.

Reactions have been mixed about whether a doll actually needs to have period-related accessories, with many believing it goes too far and parents should be responsible for schooling their kids on this puberty rite of passage.

Others, however, like that the doll is more realistic, plus we think it's a great way to get a conversation started, so why not?

And check out Lammily's latest ad, which includes this bizarro rap about your period:

"Cause real girls period, real girls
period/Over the next 40 years you'll have a myridad/Cause real girls period, real girls period

You're about to be a woman and
here's the main feature/You'll get eggs in your belly but this ain't Easter

Once a month you'll get a little
visitation/From the Crimson wave known as menstruation"

What did we just watch?
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