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Should You Attend an Ivy League School or Community College?

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High school students being told not to strive for straight As? I can agree with that to an extent, but there are students who strive to get those grades to obtain scholarships to their dream schools. I agree with the statement to the extent of not making the students drown themselves in work and become stressed, which can backfire and lead to bad grades.

In my opinion, many high school students do not know what they would like to do when they graduate. There are a handful of students who, like I've said, strive to at least get accepted to their dream colleges, with or without scholarships. We should cheer on every single student to at least graduate from high school and cheer on the students who make it into Ivy League schools as well as those who make it into community colleges.

Going to a community college is what most high school graduates seem to be doing. They attend community college to obtain their prerequisites and then apply to a university where those credits will transfer because this is the cheaper option. In the long run, parents try to have their children look at the outcome of what their student loans will look like. But there are parents who will do absolutely anything for their child to attend the best school(s) in the country. I believe any parent would do that for their child, but there's a point when you will be getting the same education at any college. You can be in Harvard attending an English class and be in a community college attending English class, learning the same exact content, but paying more than half of community college tuition because of the name of the institution.
good will hunting gifWhen it comes down to college graduation and looking for your first job to start paying off your student loans, there is not a doubt in my mind that a company would hire the Ivy League student compared to the community college/public university student. It is extremely unfortunate that I believe this would be the case, but I think many people would agree with me. It is almost as if when the students are being interviewed, the school they attended is the first and only thing they see. The Harvard student could have barely graduated, but that is not shown on a resume, whereas the public university student could be at the top of her class and have that listed on her resume, but it is overlooked because of the college she attended.

In general, I think aspiring college students should really just aim to go to college wherever it may be. You could look up the top 15 jobs that will be thriving in 10 years, and the majority of them will need a college degree. But it is also fine if you choose not to go to college, if you start working and earning money right out of school, or even if you enter a technical school. You are still bettering yourself, and doing what you need to do, to make yourself happy. Success is what everyone aims for, but success comes in different ways for different people.
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