Talk About Inspirational, This Mom's 'Body Bravery' Will Blow Your Mind!

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Here at Cambio, we truly believe that everyBODY is beautiful!

And while we mean that in a general sense, we also mean it literally: Every person's body has immense value and deserves to be treated accordingly. Not only is body positivity a philosophy that we endorse here at Cambio, but it's also gaining greater attention around the world...WONDERFUL NEWS!

Last month, we shared the story of Jae West, a British woman who stood blindfolded on the streets of London and asked strangers to leave comments on her body in reference to acceptance and body positivity. Thousands were shocked and moved by the inspired response that her project received, including Amy Pence-Brown, a mother living in Boise, Idaho.

However, while truly inspired by Jae West's bravery, Amy asked on her personal blog: "How would it be received if the woman had been less socially acceptable in appearance, like, fat? And, say, a mom who's nearly 40-years-old?"

To answer this question, she bravely recreated the social project within a different (and more conservative) setting, putting her own bikini-clad body display. Her sign read: "I'm standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me, because all bodies are valuable. To support self-acceptance, draw a "<3" on my body."

She revealed, "I was scared that I might get asked to leave by the police or that people would yell terrible things at me or that no one who draw a heart on my body and I'd stand there alone and crying."

Much to Amy's delight, the response to this project was even more positive than she had dreamed. Mothers, fathers, children, and passers-by were moved by the courage of this Idaho mom. By the end of the day, her body was covered in hand-drawn hearts and personalized messages of strength and encouragement.
How amazing! The mindset of one person was quickly adopted by the majority, showing people that "beauty" doesn't just refer to those who have a small body size. Beauty applies to every person...we just have to be bold enough to claim it!

In Amy Pence-Brown's words: "We can't truly love one another until we fully love ourselves. And once we do, I guarantee, that together we can move mountains."


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