This Missouri Sorority Changed Its Bylaws and Made History

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Can we officially declare 2015 as the wonderful Year of Embracing Change?

Not only have we witnessed monumental events like the legalization of LGBT marriage and Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager, landing a campaign with Clean and Clear, but now we have news of more exciting things occurring...

And, this time, on a college campus! Missouri State University (MSU), to be specific.

A local sorority at MSU, Xi Omicron Iota, just announced a recent change in its bylaws to allow transgender women the same opportunity for membership in the organization.

Amazing news, right?!

Prior to the change, the bylaws read that each member had to "be a girl." However, when Kara Venzian, a junior in the sorority, proposed that this bylaw be amended, the notion passed with flying colors.

The bylaws now include the updated language: "identify as a girl," thus allowing ALL individuals who identify as female to join. As Kara says in an article written by the school newspaper, "I think it's important that we give all women a chance to become part of our sisterhood."

And we couldn't agree MORE!

This announcement represents this generation's overwhelming willingness to embrace diversity and acceptance...and what could be more joyful than that?

So kudos to you, Xi Omicron Iota! We sure hope that Greek organizations nationwide will follow your example.


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