The Sweet Reason This Girl Cried Over Drinking Pepsi

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We have to admit, we've never burst into tears while we were drinking Pepsi - or any soda for that matter, but when we heard why this girl did, we cried happy tears FOR her!

Unfortunately, the girl in the video has an allergy to caffeine, so she can't drink most sodas. When her boyfriend discovered that they make caffeine-free Pepsi, he got it for her and filmed her as she took her very first sip of Pepsi - ever in her life.

As if the video itself wasn't awesome enough, her boyfriend at the end was so sweet, we wanted to crawl through our computer screens and give him a giant hug. After seeing her reaction, he can be seen in the background reassuring her "I'll buy you more." Awww!

We can't even imagine what it would be like to not drink caffeine, but this video made us realize that it's yet another thing we just do every day and sort of take for granted. We're so glad this girl's boyfriend found the caffeine-free Pepsi and we can't wait until they discover that Starbucks brews decaf and they'll even make a Frappuccino with it if you ask!


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