This Perfect Video Demonstrates How Much of a Mindf**k Anxiety Can Be

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When we say #TheStruggleIsReal, we usually say it tongue-in-cheek and are often referring to a Frappuccino that the Barista botched or some other thing that is a minor inconvenience. When we say #TheStruggleIsReal about anxiety, though, we mean the struggle is really f**king real.

If you suffer from anxiety or even someone close to you does, you know it's so much more than just feeling "nervous" in certain situations. It would more accurately be described as crippling fear of all or almost all situations. In short: It sucks.

The good news is that there is now a much more open dialogue about issues like this, depression and other mental illnesses and people have even started to find the humor in the everyday struggles people suffering from these things encounter.

Buzzfeed has been doing an amazing job leading the charge on that front (this post they recently did - also on anxiety - is painfully perfect) and this video from Buzzfeed Australia is yet another step in the right direction.

It's essentially an anxiety interpreter and shows what someone with anxiety hears when something is said to them. For example: Your boss says they want you to stop by "for a chat." Immediately, you're updating your resume and picturing what your life is going to look like after you get fired.

'How am I going to pay my bills? What about rent? Oh my gosh, this is the worst thing EVER...I bet it's because of that presentation last week, I knew they didn't like it...or maybe it was that joke I made in the break room? Why did I even say that?!' and really, all they wanted to know was what your order for Donut Day was.



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