This Video App May Become the Next Instagram

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We're guessing that you don't spend nearly as much time painstakingly editing your videos as you do your photos on Instagram or VSCO Cam.

Have you ever stopped to think about why?

There's not really an app that makes the task of editing a video seem fun or easy - like something us mortals could actually take on. That is, until VIBBIDI hits the App Store in late October.

VIBBIDI's founder rightly recognized a hole in the market for ordinary people (cue John Legend) like us to make beautiful videos.

We linked up with VIBBIDI CEO Kazuhiro Naya, who told us exactly what is going to make his app so special:

"We searched for ways to eliminate all the difficult processes involved in creating videos while providing simple tools that anyone can use. There are so many video editing apps on the App Store but most of them are so difficult for ordinary people. We then found a way to combine these simple tools with the ability to make users' videos beautiful.

Also, we aim to become the most stunning short video platform in the world! Our app is still at the stage of the closed beta version and we have invited only influential Instagrammers because the initial community of the first users will determine the quality of our product. Compared with the other apps, you can see that the videos on VIBBIDI are much more beautiful! We already got 100k users from 150 countries and it is growing!"

The small startup team of seven is closing on its VC round of funding for $2 million, allowing them to spend the next two years focused on user growth. Smart AF.

We scrolled down the feed of the app and were struck by the quality of the editing, as well as the music options available - both of which aren't possible in your average Insta vid. It's really mesmerizing. Both the editing platform and the feed look a lot like Instagram, which we think will appeal to a lot of users.
Here are some of the features it will offer: the ability to compile single takes into a video, a range of new, "gorgeous" filters, access to tons of songs from iTunes for free and pro editing tools.

It begs the question: Are you ready to take a spin in the director's chair?


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