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5 Ways to Rock Your Personal Style

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Style is a way to define yourself, to show your personality and to introduce yourself to the world. Being in an all girl band of four sisters, it's always been important for us to be individuals and to each have our own personal style. Sometimes people in the music industry have tried to tell us who to be, what to wear. It's even been "suggested" that we all wear matching outfits. But that has never been us! All four of us have different personalities and its important for us to showcase that and to be unique.

We love it when people compliment our outfits or say we have good style. But we all definitely took a long time getting to where we are. It had to do with a lot of experimenting, bad outfits and lots of research. And obviously we still make mistakes! (Who doesn't?!) Somedays (OK, most days) we just walk around in sweats and a comfy tee. Or if it's that kind of day, pajamas. Haha! So we completely understand if that's your usual go-to outfit choice.

But when you are going out in public and are interested in creating a personal brand, it's time to put a little more effort into your style. Finding your personal style can be difficult! Here are our top five tips for finding a style that speaks to you.
taylor swift style gif1. Collect Pictures of Outfits You Like

Sometimes it helps to collect pictures of outfits you like and then compare them to decipher your ideal look. It helps to make a Pinterest, Tumblr or even just a photo album on your phone of pieces that inspire you. Pictures of outfits, a celebrity that has great street style, shoes you loved on your last trip to the mall - put it all together so it's clearer to you what you like.

2. Decide on a Few Colors You Love (aka a Signature Color)
pink is my signature color gifIt's sometimes easier to put a wardrobe together if you know what colors you love to wear. For example, in our band, we tend to wear a lot of black, white and red. When we go shopping, we look for pieces that stand out in those colors. If you wear a lot of yellow, then run with it. Maybe it's your signature color! It could also be a color you know you look great in. Maybe blue brings out your eyes or wearing white shows off your complexion.

3. Find What Makes You Unique
unique gifIt can be anything. Do you like to wear colorful knee-highs with your skirts? Is pink your signature color? Do you like hats? Tons of rings? Are you colorful or more mod? Whatever it is that makes you unique, try to include a part of that in every outfit.

For example, I currently define my personal style as feminine with a touch of edge. However, I love quirky pieces that mean something to me on a personal level. Whether I dress up or dress casually, I try to add something quirky or colorful that adds a unique touch. It could be a music note ring, a band tee that I love, an alien keychain on my purse, a funny phone case, whatever!

4. Define Your Style in 3 Words
three words gifAre you a classic girl? Edgy femme? Mod? Sporty? Preppy? Casual? Bohemian? Do you love vintage clothing, or maybe Japanese Harajuku styles? Try to define your style in three words or categories. (For example, preppy, girly and classy.) Try to make most of your outfits somehow fit your three defining words. Pretty soon, people will look at a piece and say, "I can totally see (insert your name here) wearing this!"

5. Wear What Makes You Happy

We have all bought or worn something we didn't like because we thought it would make someone else happy. But that's how you end up with a closet full of things you don't like! I have definitely done this in the past. Don't dress for other people. Try to buy things that stand out to you immediately. Make sure you like the fit of what you're buying before bringing it home. Be positive that it's something you're comfortable wearing. Buy things that fit your personality! Maybe it's a graphic tee with a sarcastic saying, a hat with your favorite Disney character or a cutesy sweater with your favorite animal on it. If you're more casual, it could be jeans in your favorite color, or if you're girly, it could be a really feminine pair of red heels. Wear things that bring out the best in you and make you smile when you wear it!

The most important part of finding your personal style is filling up your closet with pieces that speak to you and things that you feel comfortable wearing. Try to ignore the trends, your friends' opinions, what's on the cover of magazines, and just go with what you feel! If you only try to fit in with everyone else, you'll never find out what you personally enjoy wearing. It's OK to make mistakes! You might look back on what you wore today in 10 years and giggle, but if it made you happy in the moment, no regrets.

Good luck and have fun!
Keiko of The Sledge Grits Band
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