7 Signs That Your Friends Have Achieved Everyone's Squad Goals

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While some people prefer keeping their close group of friends small, not everyone is content with having just a few solid besties to hang around with. If you're a social butterfly who prefers huge girls' nights out to solo Netflix binges, then you've likely already cultivated your own so-called "squad." These are the girls you hit up on GroupMe whenever you're craving some late-night diner food or desperately need an opinion on a prom dress. This squad is your lifeline - and you wouldn't have it any other way.

So how do you know that your own girl squad is totally killing it? Here are some signs that you're already achieving everyone's squad goals.

1. You don't just pick from the clothes in your closet - you pick from the clothes in your whole squad's closet.

You know exactly which one of your friends has the best LBD to borrow.

2. There's no such thing as competition between you guys... just support.

Even when you guys want similar things (like a slot at the same dream college) you find a way to build one another up, not tear the other down.

3. You have so many inside jokes that it's like you guys have your own language.

It's okay if the rest of the world doesn't get your jokes, because you're too busy laughing to notice.

4. You throw the best girls' nights out - and girls' nights in.

Whether you're hitting a party or just Netflixing Gilmore Girls, there's never a dull moment when you guys are together.

5. Birthdays are really big deals.

You'd never miss a chance to celebrate the awesomeness of one of your girls.

6. When life gets hard, you know you have a supportive group to lean on.

Whether it's a bad grade, bad breakup, or just bad day, your girls always have your back. And sometimes they bring cupcakes.

7. Your squad brings out the very best version of you.

When you have friends who love and support you, you're bound to realize just how awesome you are. After all, if you're part of a squad of amazing ladies, you're likely pretty damn great yourself. Congrats!
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