Brace Yourself: The Black Burger Could Come to Burger King

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Are you all about trendy foods? If so, you better also be brave, because the latest Burger King option definitely does not look like something anyone should be eating. According to Business Insider, Burger King is bringing their "black burger" to America, and it's one fast food sandwich that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The black burgers aren't an entirely new invention: they were popularized in Japan last year, and featured not only black buns, but also black cheese and squid ink dressing. In Japan, the two black burgers are known as the Kuro Diamond and the Kuro Pearl, but their fancy names don't make them seem any more appealing. While the ads for the burgers make the burgers look not quite so terrible, the actual photos from regular Burger King customers definitely do.

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In America, these burgers won't have the (super gross) black cheese or squid ink, but they will feature the black buns, which are made from mixing bamboo charcoal into the dough recipe. Not surprisingly, the buns will reportedly roll out around Halloween time as part of a promotional campaign. They certainly are scary.

Call me a picky eater, but I'm going to give these black burgers a hard pass.
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