Kylie Jenner's Halloween Costume Revealed!

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When it comes to Halloween, Kylie Jenner doesn't play.

Last year, she and Tyga did a couples costume, with the rapper dressing up as Chucky and Kylie dressing up as the Bride of Chucky. It was really well done and the pic Kylie shared of them on Instagram (above) got a million likes.

Of course, that was before they were even officially a couple, so we were dying to know what the two lovebirds were going to dress up this year, now that they've made their relationship public.


Turns out, Kylie might be going solo for this year's Halloween costume. According to TMZ, who got a pic of the costume as it's being made, the 18-year-old is having a custom mermaid costume created for herself by Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles. So, unless Tyga is dressing as a merman, we can't really figure out how they could turn it into a couples costume.

It's also an interesting choice considering that Kim Kardashian was a mermaid for the Midori Green Halloween Party in 2012.
2nd Annual Midori Green Halloween Party
And you'd be surprised how much a seashell bra and a green fin can cost! Apparently, Kim spent about $2500 on her costume, while Kylie's is a steal, coming in at under $2000.
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