Nobody Can Decide If This Girl Is Underwater or Just Jumping In

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Just when you got your head screwed back on straight from the whole #TheDress mess, the internet gives us this. A photo of a girl that was either taken underwater or while she's standing in shallow water splashing around. Social media is split on it.

The image was uploaded to Imgur on Thursday night and in just two days, it had already amassed almost three million views, because seriously, WTF?
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The heated debate in the comment section (and elsewhere on the internet) continues, with "Team Underwater" citing what appears to be air bubbles around her face (which "Team Jumping In" swears are drops from the splash). They also cite the low photo quality, which means it could have been taken with an underwater camera.

"Team Jumping In" has a fairly strong argument with the fact that her hair is dry. How could she be underwater and have totally dry hair? If that's possible, someone please spill that secret! Also, some have cited the reflection on her skin (particularly on her right hand) which probably wouldn't be visible if she was underwater.

We have to admit, at first we were on "Team Underwater," but the dry hair kinda brought us over onto "Team Jumping In."


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