OMG! Sia Let a Mannequin Replace Her in This Interview and It's Weirdly Entertaining

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Anyone remotely familiar with Sia knows that she comes up with the most creative ways to conceal her face from the public. While it may be confusing to some, it's become her signature look and we can honestly appreciate her efforts to keep the focus on her amazing music instead of her physical appearance. But even for Sia, some ish gets old. At least, we guess that's the reason the "Elastic Heart" singer chose a mannequin to appear in her place when sat down to speak with On The Air With Ryan Seacrest.

"Most of the songs, if not all of them, I wrote for other people and they were rejected," Sia explained about her upcoming album, This is Acting. "Generally, they're songs that aren't from my perspective, so it feels like acting. I have rejects from Rihanna, Shakira, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, all the good girls, [and] Katy [Perry]."

Well, we wouldn't exactly call them rejects, Sia, but we get what you're saying.

Sia also revealed that an episode of America's Next Top Model served as inspiration for a line in her beautiful new song "Alive."

"This beautiful young man on the last cycle had said that he had had a tough life, but he said, 'I am still breathing,' and I felt emotional, and so I wrote it down," Sia said. "I have so much to thank reality TV for."

We have plenty to thank you for Sia, mainly for keeping us informed about your songwriting process and putting a weirdly entertaining spin on puppeteering.

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