The Edible Blob Is the Answer to Wasteful Water Bottles

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We've all been guilty of buying a disposable plastic water bottle instead of refilling a more eco-friendly reusable version. The less waste in our world the better, which is why a company has created a way to take water on the go that doesn't use any plastic at all. Ooho is an edible alternative to the traditional water bottle and it could significantly reduce waste - but there's a catch.

The Ooho is far from your standard water bottle. Ooho, which was created by Skipping Rocks Labs, is actually more blob than a bottle: the outside is a membrane made of seaweed, which you can pop to suck the water out. When you're done enjoying the water blob, you can eat the seaweed membrane, or you can toss it, which still produces significantly less waste than your traditional water bottle.

Of course, the Ooho isn't quite capable of completely replacing your traditional bottle - at least, not in its current form. While the Ooho would be great for packing in a lunchbox, it's not so great for when you're on the go. The Ooho is definitely awkward for exercising, and can't hold nearly as much water as even a small bottle by the virtue of its design alone.

While the Ooho might not replace our water bottle addiction entirely, it is a reminder that we should do everything we can to reduce our waste when doing something as simple as drinking water. We may not all be onboard the Ooho train just yet, but the least we can do is carry around a refillable water bottle.
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