Watch: Woman Finally Tells Her Parents About the 17 Tattoos She's Had For 12 Years

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Let's face it — sometimes, parents just don't understand. Even when their kids grow into adults, moms and dads can still remain in full-fledged protective mode, and odds are they won't agree with some (or any) of the decisions you make. For some people, it's easier and far less scary to keep particular issues to themselves rather than face potential rejection from their parents. In the case of a woman named Maggie, that exact fear led her to keep her 17 tattoos concealed from her mom and dad for the past 12 years.

In addition to the lengths Maggie must've gone to in order to hide numerous tattoos, concealing such a large part of her identity has been an emotional burden as well, specifically because the tats aren't aligned with her parents' religious beliefs. Fortunately, This American Life's "Videos 4 U" helped Maggie finally come clean to her parents. The show lends a helping hand to people who are ready to reveal something they've hidden from others. In Maggie's case, her parents' reaction didn't exactly live up to her dread-filled expectations for the big reveal.

In the clip of the episode, Maggie first reveals her tattoos to a minister who advises her to finally share them with her parents. Although they refused to be filmed, the good news is that Maggie's parents actually accept her tattoos.

"The moment they saw the tattoos, I realized I had been making all these assumptions about them," Maggie said. "It's very easy for a lot of people to assume the worst in their parents."

Not only is this a lesson in open communication, but it's a great example of the power of self-acceptance. Hopefully, Maggie's story will inspire others to openly live their truths, even if they think their loved ones won't accept them as they are.
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