6 Texting Struggles Anyone With a Phone Will Totally Get

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It's kind of cray to think that there was a time where we weren't all connected to our phones 24/7, but in today's world, that's how most people live. The weird part? Rarely are we ever actually talking on our phones - texting has totally taken over as our main form of communication. Texting makes relaying plans and sending quick bits of information a breeze - but it also comes with plenty of its own complications.

If you've grown up sending texts like it's your job, you've definitely encountered a few of these problems before. Here are some texting-related challenges that make our lives just a tad more awkward - even if we'd never give it up.

1. When you miss major news in a group chat, just because you can't keep up.

Oh, your friends were actually supposed to meet at nine and not eight? And they actually did tell you in that group message? Oops.

2. When you try to text your BFF about your crush and end up texting your crush instead.

There's literally no way to play that off. You just confessed your love and now have to deal with the consequences.

3. When you text your friend to complain about another person, only to realize that they're currently with that person.

Yet another reason why being passive aggressive never works out.

4. When someone asks to borrow your phone and accidentally sees a super embarrassing text message.

Your mom gets way too TMI with you over text, and your friends should not be privy to any of that ish.

5. When you are accidentally included in a group message you can't get out of.

Ugh, so many unnecessary pings.

6. When your friend has her read receipts on and hasn't responded to a message she saw hours ago.

Read receipts are for people who literally do not give an eff.

We'll never give up texting, but if you want to truly avoid all of these awkward moments, maybe consider picking up the phone and actually calling someone once in a while. It's a lot less scary than it sounds.
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