7 Things Morning People Understand That Night Owls Never Will

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It's not a secret that most people loathe getting up early, which is unfortunate considering that 8AM classes (and, uh, most jobs) require that you behave like a person before the clock strikes 10. While rising early for no reason isn't on a lot of people's to-do list, I actually don't mind the morning grind. In fact, I kind of love it: I feel ridiculously pro-active when I accomplish tasks before most people's alarms go off. I may enjoy sleeping in when it's needed (and oh, is it glorious when it's needed), but most of the time, I consider myself a card-carrying member of the morning person club.

Morning people are a fairly rare breed, but if you are one, you're not alone. Here are seven things that every morning person understands:

1. It's not that you don't want to stay up super late, it's that you physically can't.

If you've been waking up on the early side for most of your life, staying up past midnight is a challenge. You've fallen asleep midway through too many midnight movies to warrant buying another ticket and stay up late only when it's worth it - like the weekends, when you're doing more than just binging Netflix.

2. Breakfast is your favorite meal of the day.

Scarfing down a granola bar is so not appealing. You always give yourself enough time to make yourself a meal you'll actually be able to enjoy.

3. You text your friends when you wake up but don't expect a response for another few hours.

There's no way they'll be ready to discuss your weekend plans at 7AM.

4. You never stress about going to the gym because you get your workout done in the AM.

You're not sure why, but you just feel better after breaking a sweat in the morning.

5. You're always the one picking up coffee for your friends.

Because you're the only one who can possibly get to Starbucks before class.

5. Sleeping in on the weekends can be a challenge.

Your brain wants you to wake up at the crack of dawn, even though you stayed out super late the night before. Now, you're just exhausted.

6. You always have to decide between waking up your friends or chilling alone for a while post-sleepover.

You don't want to be the jerk who interrupts someone's precious zzz's, but there's only so much Pinterest you can scroll before you're officially bored out of your mind.

7. You just don't get people who stay up until 3AM for no reason.

The middle of the night just seems like an illogical time to be awake, you know?

Don't worry, morning people: we may be the odd ones out, but hey, at least we've seen a bunch of pretty cool sunrises.
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