7 Times Sia's Mini-Me Maddie Ziegler Was Just Your Typical Tween

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In Sia's eerie yet totes magical music videos, we can't help but fall in love with her mini-me, Maddie Ziegler. That girl moves like a boss with such a graceful flare. Werk it, girl!
But she's so in touch with Sia's style that she seems to look and act like her, right?
When Maddie is not in Sia-mode, she's just like any other tween. Check out how the soon-to-be teenager looks when she's not wearing that famous, blunt blond wig.
Teen Choice Awards 2014 - ArrivalsDoesn't she look so vibrant and youthful? We can't get over it. She's a growing young woman who does a ton of the same stuff tweens do. No, really. See what we mean...

1. She blesses the red carpet with her cuteness
Maddie always keeps her fashions fun and age-appropriate. Insert *heart-eye emoji*​

2. She goofs off with friends in the sweetest way ever
Who doesn't love joking around with your besties like all the time? Maddie totally gets it. The "BEEP BEEP 🚖" caption on this Insta makes us LOL every time. Get it, girls!

3. She's obsessed with taking the perf selfie
Maddie is all about that selfie life. And baby girl knows how to work them angles!

4. She loves her some Starbucks
Not only does she love Starbucks, she's well-aquainted with #StarbucksProblems. "So I asked for a grande....But Starbucks thought differently. My name is NOT grande!"

5. She's a total fangirl

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/03/05/4e/03054e069dc0061a8387230c8c31f7dc.jpgIt's not every day you get to meet Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. Look at miss thing cheesing hella hard next to her idols. We would be doing the same thing, girlie.

Maddie on meeting Miley: "My life is complete 💯✔️♥️"

Maddie on meeting Tay: "@TaylorSwift, you're the sweetest! So happy I got to meet up with you again! #1989 #1989Tour #TaylorSwift#1989Live"

6. She takes silly Photo Booth pics
A kitty? This is too adorbs. Looks like there's room for us to jump in. OK, maybe not.

7. She swims like Nemo
Maddie practically lives in the pool...as she should. This heatwave is something else!!!

This starlet is up to a ton of exciting new things beyond her work with Sia, so follow her on IG and Twitter to get an inside look at the young babe's world. Love ya, Maddie!

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