Inside Look: The Major Truth Bomb Behind Photos on Instagram

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A little retouch here. A little cropping there. Social media is famous for making people's lives a lot rosier than they really are. So much so that we want to explore Chompoo Baritone's photo series, which exposes the truth behind archetypal Instas, in depth.

That glorious healthy dish? Surrounded by junk food. The mesmerizing crystal blue skies during a perfect day at the beach? The sand is literally covered in trash tho.

And there's probably some rando annoyed AF they made it into your shot. Ugh.
Look at these examples of just how exaggerated our lives really can be on social media.

AT FIRST: That Mac looks amaze, the room is so clean. Definitely reblogging this on Tumblr.
BUT THEN: Cats everywhere, clothes everywhere. Where's the disinfectant?
AT FIRST: A vaycay is needed. Like. Now. That place looks way too perf.
BUT THEN: Looks pretty cramped, doesn't it? Like a tight hug but not in the best way.
AT FIRST: OMG. So jelly of her diet. Why are the best tasting foods soooo unhealthy? UGH.
BUT THEN: K, those other dishes don't look so healthy after all. Are you really on a diet?
AT FIRST: That garden is so gorg! How is it kept so clean?
BUT THEN: The garden needs some cleaning up, ASAP.
AT FIRST: At the beach, by yourself, with just the wind, sun, sand, and surf. #Goals.
BUT THEN: The beach is dirty and crowded and our personal space is about to be invaded. No thanks.
AT FIRST: How is NO ONE else on the road. Def #BikeRidingGoals.
BUT THEN: Oh wait, there are people walking by. That's gotta be embarrassing.
AT FIRST: How is she doing that. On. Her. HEAD? Amazing.
BUT THEN: She has help. No fair.
AT FIRST: We need to get our Serena Williams on and get active. No more Netflix binges.
BUT THEN: That's it. Everything's a lie.
So the next time you're feeling down because the people you follow on Insta seem to have more exciting lives than you, think about this photo series. It's incredible how easy we can manipulate our persona on the Internet. Remember: Do you and be yourself.

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