Little Girls Give Grown A** Women Dating Advice, and It's the Most Adorbs Thing Ever

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First dates are exciting, but when we're getting ready, the nerves always start acting up like crazy. What should I wear? Is my makeup slayed for the gods? Should I Google him?

In this video, little girls not only beautify three good sports lucky women, they give them advice to ease the butterflies of first-date jitters. We're in a pool of feels rn.

Unfortunately, that advice did not include: Don't get suckered into having a kid do your makeup - unless, it's a phone date and you don't plan on leaving the house. We mean...

One look at those clown faces and the fellas will definitely be running the other way!

Some of the girls' advice are on fleek. Six-year-old Judith says, "Don't stuff food in your mouth or else it would be messy." Lurve her. Save that for after the date, sister friend!
Others? Not so much. "If he's really nice to you, you should marry him." *sighs*

But wait 'til you hear what Nina, 5, said about who should kiss whom first. It'll have you like...

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