This Double Vision Halloween Makeup Tutorial Is Crazy Creepy

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What in the world did we just watch?!

YouTube user Dope2111, who already has over 3 million subscribers who can't get enough of her celebrity and cartoon characters makeup transformations, uploaded this video for Halloween and it's the stuff nightmares are made of.

We knew she was very talented, but this is seriously some next-level special effects ish and we can't stop staring at it. Even though we know it's makeup, and we watched the entire process from beginning to end - twice! - it still totally trips us out.

"Staring at it too long can make your brains hurt. So beware," she jokes in the video caption. "Drawing a double of everything in your face takes patience but you will turn heads everywhere you go in Halloween. Make it as realistic as possible using false lashes,adding contour & highlights etc."

If you're pressed for time, scrub to 3:30, where she actually wears the look out in public, and as expected, people freak the f**k out!
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