Jake Miller Says the Millertary Inspired Him to Pull a Beyonce

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The crowd's energy at Jack Miller's show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles was big enough to fill Staples Center. The singer/rapper performed new tracks from his Rumors EP, as well as old favorites. Every fan in the building didn't miss a lyric and was going crazy during every single song.

Jake even brought the party on stage with him. At all his shows on The Dazed and Confused tour, he asked members of the Millertary (aka his fandom) to jump on stage and dance to his new track "Shake It." In LA, Jake's all-star friends Becky G, Jack and Jack, Andrea Russett and more joined him to act on their "worst behavior" during the song and it was all kinds of epic.

After his biggest tour to date, Jake is now getting ready to head overseas for a European tour. We caught up with him at the end of The Dazed and Confused Tour to talk all about his fans and latest EP.

Cambio: What has this tour been like?
Jake Miller: The tour's been my favorite out of the tours I've been on. It's just a lot more fun. It's a bigger experience visually. I'm just having the time of my life, I'm meeting fans every day. Every day is amazing...Half of the reason why this tour's so amazing is because the shows are so big and the crowd is just so energetic.

Cambio: What inspired your new EP, Rumors?
Jake: I just wanted a more mature, fun sound for summertime, so the first song that was on the EP was "Rumors" and I think that kind of set the tone for the rest of it, but at the same time I had completely different sounds on my songs. I have a slow, kind of ballad called "Sunshine" that I wrote for my friend. I have an upbeat song called "Shake It" which is just about having fun and dancing. "Rumors" is just kind of like an old, throwback sounding song. There's something for everyone. There's even a song I helped produce called "Selfish Girls" which is kind of more like a John Mayer track with a little bit of humor in it.

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Cambio: Why did you decide to surprise fans and release this EP "Beyonce style?"
Jake: I've never done a surprise before, so I wanted to see what that would be like and it actually is probably my biggest release I've ever had. It went straight to No. 1 on iTunes in like ten minutes. And...I wanted to give the fans a little gift for waiting so long.

Cambio: For fans, what's the key to getting pulled up on stage to "Shake It" at one of your shows?
Jake: I try to make eye contact with every single person at my shows, so I'm always looking for people who are just there to have fun [and] dancing, jumping, putting their hands up.

Cambio: What's next for you?
Jake: After the tour, I'm moving to LA and I'm basically just going to be in the studio as much as possible, making as much music as possible. And hopefully I'm going to tour [again] very soon.

Watch Jake's latest music video for what he calls his most personal song, "Sunshine," below and check out the full Rumors EP on iTunes.


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