This 'Mean Girls' Parody Is Sweet AF

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No movie has more accurately described all of our high school experiences quite like Mean Girls. It doesn't matter how many times we watch Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams duke it out, Mean Girls is the one flick that never gets old!

But what happens when this teen classic gets a complete educational makeover? You get a hilarious parody that preaches about the most controversial of all sweeteners: aspartame (it's 100 percent OK if you don't know what that is; just watch the video above).
And the best part is that it's made by our amazing STEM Muse, Jayde Lovell. Jayde's a real-life scientist whose music game is hella strong, too (just check out her Bad Blood parody). She consistently busts stereotypes that scientists have to look like this guy. If you want to see more of Jayde (and her BFF Bec who produces these cool AF videos), be sure to visit their YouTube channel SciQ and follow them on Twitter: @JaydeLovell and@BecSusanGill.

Cambio Muses are handpicked by our very picky staff — not just anyone can explain science like our girl, Jayde Lovell! Your video game must be strong, and you've gotta be smart AF in the areas of beauty, fashion, STEM, DIY, health/wellness, and/or advice. If you have a YouTube channel and would like to be considered for the Muse program, please email


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