Mom's Hidden Camera Catches Dad in Epic Katy Perry Jam Sesh With Kids

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This dad rules!

The kids' mom had set up a camera in the living room so that their Grandmother could see their cute kid stuff. Instead, she got this adorable surprise when Dad was watching the little ones.

At first, Dad is just doing some laundry (this guy is a keeper!) and when he hears that the kids are listening to some Katy Perry, he can't resist getting in on the action - because even dads love themselves some KP!

He eases his way into it with "The Robot" which is pretty safe and actually a very good dance choice for this particular song - "E.T."

Eventually, as Dad sees that his dancing is a hit with his oldest daughter, he gets a little more confident and busts out some more impressive dance moves, before striking the signature dad pose:
We have to say, while the dad and oldest daughter dance sesh was all kinds of adorable, that baby (on the left side of the screen) should not be ignored, because that little one was rocking out!
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