One Direction Asked 'Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?' and Other Burning Questions

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Capital FM pulled off a brilliant rapid fire question game with One Direction recently called '1D in One Minute' and and it was nothing short of perfection. Also, lucky for us, it went a little bit longer than a minute so there were some great answers in the mix.

In addition to asking whether they would choose Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, the lads were also questioned about who would go into politics, who sleeps the most, and which 1D guy Harry Styles would choose for his sister to date, among other pressing questions.

When Niall was asked "Katy Perry or Taylor Swift," he answered, "K.P. Love her," which only makes sense. Niall is firmly Team Katy since she's the one who saved his a** on X Factor back in the day. No shade thrown Taylor's way, but Niall is forever grateful to Katy for keeping him around on the show. Louis confirmed that Nialler had made a "Good choice." Good mate, that one.
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When Harry was asked, "If your sister had to date one member of 1D who would it be?," his answer was a bit of a shocker and since he couldn't choose, he joked, "There's no way. She's not allowed to date anyone."

Other fun answers included a "blonde Bond," Liam following in Kanye's footsteps, and Nialler enjoying plenty of sleep (he notes, "I slept for about 14 hours yesterday."). Srsly?

We also find out if they're planning a big holiday together and that Niall's going to release solo material first, with Louis joking it'll be "hip hop," and Niall adding, "Me and Louis are doing a rap album." If. Only.

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