Raven Symoné Says She Was Skinny Shamed on ABC Family Sitcom

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While the View hosts were talking about fat-shaming during a segment Monday, things took a turn when co-host Raven-Symoné let out a bombshell about a time she was skinny-shamed on an ABC Family show.

"Listen, I lost a whole bunch of weight, six, seven years ago and I was up for this TV show and I showed up and the guy went, 'Where'd you go?'" Whoopi Goldberg said, according to E! Online. "They did that to me!" Raven added. "On State of Georgia they had me wear a fat suit because they said I wasn't the size they wanted me to be." Wait...what?!

To make matters worse, this was after Raven was fat-shamed when she was at a heavier weight. "When I was at my heaviest, like 185 pounds, people would be like 'Are you pregnant? Are you pregnant?' and I'm like 'No, I'm fat, get away from me,'" she said. "This goes through all of our industry, just fat-shaming in general. Not accepting the female's body for the different and many beautiful shapes it has."

"I feel when I lost my weight, like big-girl season came," Raven continued. "There's so many big girls that are now famous. That was over here, starving," she said, prompting Whoopi Goldberg to reply, "You were famous. You were a big girl and you were famous." Raven quipped back, "You don't even know what I went through. I wouldn't get my show unless I looked a certain way, things of that nature."
ABC Family's "The Great State Of Georgia" - Season OneThe actress only starred on State of Georgia for one season, but, what a blower in general. In an industry where you can be fat or skinny shamed, it seems like the best thing you can do is love yourself at any weight.

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