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4 Solutions to Stop the War on Yourself

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Some weeks everything just seems like too much. You've overworked yourself and overlooked your own needs, and now you don't have anything left in the tank to take care of yourself. You are constantly irritated, sad and feel quite lonely. No one is taking the time to understand that things might not be fundamentally wrong, so they're discrediting how you feel. You are fighting a battle that no one but you may be able to combat.

This is what I choose to do when the day-to-day has me bogged down.

1. Take Off Work
day off gifI've done a great deal of damage to myself because of my refusal to sacrifice any opportunity or let down anyone. Being a workaholic has become a real problem because I won't stop unless someone around me says maybe it's time to slow down. It's so important to take time away from a job because it helps break the routine that may be causing stress and unhappiness.

2. Yoga
relaxed gifYoga has helped me achieve a calmness to my otherwise anxiety-ridden days. Yoga can be the soldier you need to bring to war during a daunting time. I was going home and crying at the end of the day because I was at my limit. I looked fine and presented myself to those around me that I was fine, but I wasn't. A simple morning pose and some breathing in a quiet space like your room are where you get to take the time to really work on yourself. Clear your mind and getting your body into shape. What more do you need?

3. Digital Blackout
internet addiction gifQuit it cold turkey. Well, for at least part of the day. Take some time out of the day to shut your phone off. Yes, you read that correctly. Shut it off. Airplane mode and do not disturb are not enough. A phone in 2015 holds more than a source of entertainment. It's a device that holds your responsibilities and therefore, you need to neglect it. You are working on yourself right now, not working for someone else.

4. Tea
no tears just tea gifMy grandmother liked to make tea all the time. There wasn't much of a problem that a cup of tea couldn't fix. Tea also has antioxidants that help you if you're physically sick, but above all, it just relaxes you (and keeps you warm in the winter). I suggest mixing it up by getting away from traditional teas and trying ones like lemon and raspberry to experiment during seasonal changes and take a moment to just worry about yourself and no one else.

Your well-being is important to not only you but those around you. How can you cater to your friends and family without feeling 100 percent about anything that's going on with you? If you feel like you need to take some time out to just be with yourself, I hope you do. If you're out there and you just can't describe what you're feeling and can't shake off bad vibes, simply know I have been there. I stand with you. Your hard times are just as valid as anyone else's.

You are never alone.
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