The Throwdown: Spotify v. Apple Music

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A few months ago, in the wake of Jay Z's Tidal hitting the scene and T. Swift causing a stir with Spotify, we weighed the pros and cons of the music streaming services on the market.

Well, some time has passed and it seems like the heavy hitters are reigning champion Spotify and newcomer Apple Music, with Tidal being called a "complete disaster" by Bloomberg.

A couple of weeks ago, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shook things up by claiming that Apple Music is further proving that streaming is the new way that people prefer to listen to music. He even went so far as to say that since June, his business has actually increased, according to Digital Trends.

"We keep setting new records week to week," said Daniel. "It's getting easier and easier to sign people up."

So, where do you stand?

Spotify, for $9.99 a month, offers you pre-made playlists in every genre, as well as the ability to put your own crafted playlists in addition to whole albums offline. They also have a family service, which allows you to add members on to your account for half price. You can create stations based off songs and artists you like, customizing with likes, much like streaming radio service Pandora.

Apple Music is also $9.99 a month, but also offers the opportunity to opt for family sharing for $14.99. Like Spotify, you can also put songs and albums offline. Apple's playlist options are really on point. By favoriting artists, songs and playlists, Apple suggests other playlists you might like based on genre, artist, decade and even producer. You also have access to Beats 1, a 24/7 global station that is broadcast to more than 100 stations.

Have you tried both, and if so, which one are you bumping in your headphones?


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