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5 Reasons to Make Your Mom Your BFF

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Having your mother as your BFF can be tricky, and believe me, is hard work. I have a bestie apart from my mom, obviously, and I tell her things that I wouldn't tell to my mother, but there are things that I have to tell her because my mom's opinion is so worth it.

1. I Can Tell Her Anything
can tell you anything gifAnd she judges me! A lot! But I know that she knows me better than anyone in the world and knows what's wrong or right better than me.

2. She Has a Lot More Experience Dating Than me
dating gifI mean, that woman dated more guys in six years than I have in my entire life! (Let's be real; I've only dated three guys.) The good about it is that she knows all the dos and don'ts about relationships that I don't seem to understand at any given point.

3. I Can Tell Her my Darkest Secrets and She Will Support Me
secrets gifLike that time that I had a beef with my sister from another mister, and she knew that it wouldn't take long to us to make up because we just can't live without each other. Or when I had that kiss with a friend of mine, and I was so worried and feeling guilty because of he cheated on his girlfriend with me.

4. She Allows me to Use Her Makeup Even Though She Hates Sharing It
share gifBut her translucent powder is so much better than mine! And her L'Oreal mascara? #flawless

5. I Hate the Fact That I Love Her so Much
love gifI couldn't ask for a better mother, friend and enemy, all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it! Even though we look like a cat and a dog fighting over nothing and everything, she is the most important person of my life.

Love you, Mom!
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