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5 Things I've Learned Living in NYC

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1. Be Adventurous

Moving from Paris to New York, I was worried NY would be way too "rough and tumble" for me. At first, I was opposed to the college party scene and had no desire to eat ramen noodles at 3 a.m. But when I got to NYC, I had an open mind and ended up loving it. I like to remind myself that my friends don't always have to think and act exactly like me. Meet new people and try new things!
My friends and I at a rooftop party | @redlipstatement

2. Don't Worry About What Others Think of You

Maybe someone in your friend group thinks you're kind of lazy while another friend thinks you're too snobby. Who you are who you are. Don't worry if people tag you as the "nice one" or the "party girl." Ignore the labels and enjoy YOUR life.

Our friends call us "Cher and Dionne" from Clueless | @redlipstatement

3. Be Nice to Everyone

One of my favorite things about college is being friendly with everyone. I love that some of my friends love dressing up and going out, while others like to stay in and watch movies. There are always things to do when you're open-minded about different people. Even though it's already a month into school, I still try to meet new people every week.

I went to DryBar to get a blowout with my friend Ally 🍰 | @redlipstatement

4. Don't Be Careless With Money

I was originally not at all worried about my budget. I was totally unaware of how quickly life in the city adds up until I got a call from my banker. Yes. Seriously! Anyways, be responsible when you swipe the AmEx! I've been eating in the dining hall at my college for the last week because I'm trying to save money for my shopping budget! Checking my online account at least once a week keeps me on track!

I was at Saks Fifth Avenue being not finically responsible | @redlipstatement

5. Get a Calendar

You NEED to be organized. I can never remember what time my Soul Cycle class starts or whether the art show is today or tomorrow. Luckily, I have all my information on my iPhone's calendar. It saves my life!

Central Park on the weekend | @redlipstatement
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