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'Sinking in Love' with Dave Days' New Album

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On Friday, September 25, Dave Days released his new album Pizza Ship, and I really like it. Dave's sound in this album is rock. Before I get into how good this album is, here are a few facts about Dave if you haven't heard of him before:

  • He's 24 years old ​
  • He started out on YouTube
  • He was featured in Rebecca Black's "Saturday"
  • He guest starred on So Random in 2011

Now that you know a little bit about Dave, let's talk about the album. Pizza Ship consists of a five-song track list:

  1. "Baddest"
  2. "Sinking in Love"
  3. "Blacked Out"
  4. "3 a.m."
  5. "Right for Me"

"Baddest" is definitely my favorite song off the album. The song starts off with a 28-second instrumental (and yes, I looked closely at this). Then Dave comes in with his voice, the drums, the guitars and everything else. This awesomeness is now coming through the speakers. And now the part of me who likes rock music is just loving this!
A line I really love is "This is my life. Go chase yours!" I love it because in life, people do compare themselves to other people. I've done this, too (and I really shouldn't). But when you stop and think about it, everyone who's said not to compare yourself to other people is so right. Everyone has his/her own journey, his/her own life, so go chase YOUR life and not someone else's.

Then there's another line I really like, "Mirror on the wall, who's the baddest of them all?" (it switches between who's and you're throughout). Now this I love because it reminds me of Snow White but with a twist.

Next is "Sinking in Love." It was a song Dave released as a single before his full album came out. ​From the first time I heard it, I was (sinking) in love with it. The song's about a girl with whom Dave had a one night stand, and the next day, she grabs her things and goes on with her life. And now, Dave is sinking in love with her. He says, "It's too late to run cause the damage's been done."

Then there's "Blacked Out."​ This song is about how Dave went to a party on Friday night, and it was crazy. There were his friends, there were drinks, a girl, and the next morning, he can't remember a thing because he was blacked out from the night before. He wakes up in a bathroom, can't find his clothes, and he has no idea why his girlfriend's pissed. Music-wise the song sounds a lot softer and slower compared to the first two. But I love it.

Now we're up to song No. 4, "3 a.m." ​This one's a lot different lyric-wise compared to the others, but it still fits the album perfectly. I think some people will react differently than others when they hear it. Some might like it, some might not, some might have mixed reactions, BUT that's totally fine (same goes for all four other songs). You like what you wanna like. If you happen to not like it, that's OK because there's still one more song left (and three others! YAY).

Lastly, there's "Right for Me."​ Now this starts off with just Dave and an acoustic guitar. Nice and relaxing, and you think to yourself, aw, what a nice way to end the album, with a relaxing acoustic song. Yeah not exactly. This one's definitely not as crazy (in a good way) as the others rock-wise. The song goes back and forth between nice, slow and relaxing to rock. The song is Dave saying how he let this girl go, but now he's saying she was right for him. Awww.

And that's the end of Pizza Ship (unless you have it on loop, of course). If you want to check out the album and download it, just go to Dave's Web site. The album's not on iTunes, so this is the easiest way. Also, Dave is going on tour from Sept. 30 to Nov. 15 with many other artists (some still aren't even announced yet). The tour starts this Wednesday, so if you want to check that out, just go to wereallalright.com.
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