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Why I Am Still Fangirling From Taylor Swift's '1989' Concert

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1989 was the highest selling album of 2014, likely to be the highest selling album of 2015, also. The 1989 Tour is the biggest tour of 2015. Needless to say, Taylor Swift is, indeed, taking over the world.

I've been fan since her first and eponymous album. My first Taylor Swift concert was the Speak Now Tour in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field. Every single time she comes to Philadelphia, it feels so special, though every concert she has is so special to every single fan. Philadelphia though, is considered her hometown, growing up in Reading, Penn., which is about an hour outside. Unfortunately, this time around, I did not attend either of the 1989 Tour shows in Philadelphia. However, I was lucky enough to attend night one in East Rutherford, N.J. at MetLife stadium.
We were two hours early, so luckily, we found a random gas station that didn't mind if we just hung out in the car waiting to head over to the venue. Time passed quickly, we headed over to the venue and we finally were in line for parking. We parked, then went to will call to pick up our tickets, because we we're lucky enough to save enough money to purchase VIP tickets, which led us to have general admission B Stage. As some (most if not all TS fans know about Loft 89), we decided to make costumes. Scarlet letters to be specific, each of us had a lyric that included "scarlet letter" in it. For instance, my scarlet letter said "We show off our different scarlet letters, trust me mine is better" from "New Romantics," and my friend had "You were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter..." from "Love Story." It took us about two weeks to make them, but it was completely worth it. Yeah, we kind of went all out. Go big or go home, right? We were walking around the venue just to get noticed, and the amount of people who said, "I saw you guys on Tumblr" was actually mind-blowing and so exciting.

It was finally time to go into the venue! But we were stopped by security saying they wouldn't let us in with our costumes, though they were physically tied around us. We had the head of security come over, and we told them we followed the guidelines. We would not be holding these up; we would just be wearing them. "How are you going to sit in your seat?" was the question we got. Quickly we answered "We have general admission." Taylor Swift was looking down on us, because they let us in.

After they confirmed with the security, they let the others know we were fine to get through. After entering, we sat down and put the batteries in our lights (because we weren't allowed to have them in before entering). Eventually saying, "excuse me" and "sorry," became a habit because we we're hitting pretty much everyone with our costumes. We got down to the floor, then got into the B Stage. I have never been so close at a concert before. They stage was right in front of us. Not too mention, the huge space behind us that was going to be filled with her friends and family as the show started.
After walking around to try and get noticed a little more, we finally made our way back to the B Stage where we stood in the back because our costumes were huge. Shawn Mendes took the stage and was amazing, then Vance Joy, and then we were lucky enough to be the first show to have Haim join on the tour (for certain dates). Haim was so incredibly amazing, I couldn't even believe it. After the long wait, the lights went out, we turned our lights on, and we were ready to dance the night away.

Taylor came out to "Welcome to New York"; screams erupted throughout the whole stadium. Just before Taylor was going to come on, we realized we were surrounded by some of Taylor's squad: Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge and Hailee Steinfeld. I couldn't even believe it. "New Romantics" quickly came on next, and since my costume had that the "New Romantics" lyrics on it, my friend made a video of me dancing while Taylor was singing, especially when my lyric came up.

Little did we know that after the concert, we were watching the video, you can hear Karlie say, "Oh my God, they're scarlet letters." I turned around so quickly when I heard her say that; she pointed at us and said, "I love your costumes." At that point, I was like, what is even happening right now?!

The show continued on with special guests in tow. First, Taylor introduced The Weeknd who came out and sang "Can't Feel My Face," which was amazing. Soon after that surprise, she was singing "Style" and surprised us with Heidi Klum walking the runway; that was good enough for me. Yet again, she introduces another guest, well guests, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. They just got back from winning the World Cup, walking down the catwalk with their trophy and huge American flags. What? I could not even believe that I was there to see this.
There was one more surprise. During "Bad Blood," she brought the music video to life for us. Bringing out Gigi, Hailee, Lily and Lena Dunham all dressed in their costumes from the "Bad Blood" music video. (Forgive my blurry pic, but you get the gist of it.) Taylor continued putting on an amazing show, ending with "Shake It Off," dancing and spinning through the air on the catwalk.
My concert was in July, and I still cannot even believe I was lucky enough to witness the surprises she gave us that night. Whether you are a fan of Taylor or not, you have to admit, just by pictures you may have seen, she puts on an amazing show. Out of the the three tours I've seen from her, 1989 was by far the best one I've been to. I am extremely grateful that I was able to see Taylor during this 1989 tour. If you haven't had the opportunity to see Taylor live and own a Tumblr, or even Twitter, please live through the pictures and videos that are shared. Every single night that there is a show, I watch the videos and look at the pictures, and you can just feel the excitement from within.
Taylor continues to change lives every single day with her speeches (that you can look up from different shows) and simply her music. In this generation, she is the perfect role model to look up to. Taylor's music connects with each person differently and means something different to each person. That is what I think a lot of music is missing nowadays, a connection to an audience. So thank you Taylor, for being an inspiration, thank you for being a friend, thank you for providing life-changing music. I'll always be a fan.
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