A Woman Skipped a Friend's Wedding and Then Was Billed For It

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Weddings cost newlywed couples (or their generous relatives) some serious change, which is why it's pretty annoying when someone doesn't let the couple know that they can't make the big event. What's also inconsiderate? Making a wedding guest who could not attend the festivities pay for it - literally. That's exactly what happened to a Minnesota woman who was stuck with a bill after she skipped a friend's nuptials, and the host's behavior is basically the biggest wedding faux pas ever.

As reported by KARE 11, Jessica Baker had been looking forward to going to her pal's wedding, and arranged for her mother to babysit her child so she could attend. When Jessica's mother had something come up last minute and couldn't babysit, Jessica had to bail on the wedding. Jessica didn't hear from the couple about her absence until a few weeks later, when the crazy hit the fan and she was sent a bill for the two meals that she missed. The total was nearly $76, which included a meal for both Jessica and her plus one as well as a service and tax fee. In addition to the payment, the couple also asked that Jessica send them an explanation for missing the wedding.

Umm... okay.
Look, I get it: weddings are super expensive, and it's not respectful to skip out on a prior engagement last minute without so much as a phone call or a note. Jessica didn't follow proper etiquette, but in terms of the bill, it's the couple that is completely out of line. As with any big party, sometimes people simply don't show up, whether it's due to an emergency or a simple change in plans - and yes, it's the host's responsibility to cover their expenses.

Honestly, it seems like this bill was just a passive aggressive way for the couple to react to Jessica skipping out on their big event, which is completely immature and definitely not proper hosting etiquette. If they really were attempting to get the dinner money that they lost back, they certainly won't be getting the cash from Jessica: I'm pretty sure she's written this couple off entirely.
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