Disney Characters Transform Into Your Fave Late '90s and Early 2000s Pop Stars

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As millennials, we're all about that nostalgia. If it's not Disney, it's our "golden era" of pop music from the late '90s into the early '00s. Think *NSYNC, Destiny's Child and Aaliyah. So, artist Isaiah Stephens pretty much did the best thing ever and combined them into these completely flawless illustrations. Without further ado, Disney princesses - and a few princes because the guys need love, too! - as your fave pop stars.

1. Aladdin Gets Dirrty Jasmine fits that sweet yet sexy era of Christina Aguilera: girl next door one minute, total bombshell the next. And we are d y i n g at the fact Aladdin and Genie are her bodyguards. #BaeGoals And yes, Genie is out of the bottle for this one. Cute, right?!

2. Pocahantas and her Independent Women
If you wanna see what an independent woman looks like from the Disneyverse, who better than Pocahantas? She slayed naysayers by being a fearless heroine who refused to stand back and let injustices happen. And ofc she's portraying DC3's Beyonce. Pocahantas' fellow independent girlfriends, Nakoma and a Powhatan tribes woman, are perf stand-ins for Queen Bey's squad, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

3. Belle From the Block
Has a nice ring to it, right? Like JLo, Belle is beautiful, but can be very bold. Both are not shy to speak up. On Belle's arm? The Beast aka Puff Daddy. Those OTP feels...

4. Esmerelda Serves Aaliyah
Remember Esmerelda's carefree attitude to just do you. Kinda reminds you of Aaliyah, doesn't it? That fearless vibe. Sexy but cool and slick. While Aaliyah was on the charts slaying, Esmerelda was slaying with her streetwise knowledge and fiery personality.

5. Disney Spice #SquadGoals
So is this what you want what you really, really want? We can NOT with how accurate these Disney princesses are slaying the Spice Girls look. Being the rebel, Mulan is Sporty Spice natch. Ariel is Ginger Spice because she's not quite a tomboy, not quite a damsel in distress. Yasss! Megara from Hercules is seductive like Posh Spice with that fierceness. Aurora is totes adorbs as Baby Spice since she sleeps like a baby (obv) and Atlantis: The Lost Empire's Kida slays all your faves as Scary Spice. Werk, ladies!

6. MMMBop with John, Arthur, and Kristoff
No millennium music list is complete without Hanson. John Smith is Isaac, who's the oldest. That maturity adds to hit hotness, AMIRITE? Kristoff is Taylor, whose middle child status = individualist. Then there's The Sword In The Stone's Arthur as Zack, the youngest since the two can relate with being the baby of the group. Adorbs.

7. *NSYNC Meets Disney, Slays Fangirls Everywhere

Boy bands ruled this era, and *NSYNC were the kings (or The Backstreet Boys depending on whose side you're on). Prince Charming is Joey Fatone because he's the right mix of funny and charm (see what we did there?). Li Shang from Mulan is Chris Kirpatrick, the "quiet" one, and Flynn Rider is JC Chasez. You know? The hot shot. Naveen from The Princess and the Frog is Justin Timberlake, the handsome romantic who makes us *swoon.* Finally, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty is Lance Bass, the one who's super easygoing. Now, if only these five were in a real band. *sighs*

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