The Imaginary Airline of Our Dreams...Almost

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For many of us, flying is an annoying AF ordeal that we tolerate at best, knowing that lots of waiting, lines and overall discomfort await us. Joy.

Many industries have been overturned by start-up companies that are revolutionizing their own sectors of the marketplace. So why not air travel? The Principal Brand Strategist Devin Liddell for Teague, an airplane design studio that's conceptualized the interiors of Boeing planes since 1946, shared that he had that very same thought. At the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) conference, Devin presented a plan for a new airline called Poppi, reports Fast Company.

The first highly controversial thing that would set Poppi apart would be banning carry-on luggage. We don't know about you, but we still cram all our stuff into a carry-on bag to avoid paying that $25 checked-bag fee. But Devin estimates that this will make boarding 71 percent faster. Might actually be worth it.

The other switch-up is to make the middle seat of planes "less sucky," as Devin so awesomely phrased it. Corporations would be able to buy sponsorships for this captive audience, and then provide a gift or service for them to use during the flight. One example is the perk of playing prerelease Xbox games in the Xbox seat. Rad.
Reddit User ConscarsFinally, Devin suggests airlines incorporate better loyalty programs to make customers stick around by prepaying for perks or a set number of flights. He also proposes an app to let you resell flights or swap seats, almost like an NFL season pass, to give travelers some flexibility.

What do you think? Are you on board with the new era of air travel or do you refuse to give up your right to a carry-on?


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