Justin Bieber Says He Will Never Work With Kendall Jenner

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You won't be seeing Kendall Jenner in any of Justin Bieber's music videos anytime soon. The Biebs recently revealed that he's not into the thought of working with the Kardashian sister.

We know, we know. We thought they were friends, too. So, WTF?!

"I think she's not really a video girl, right?' Justin told Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday morning. 'She's a model, I don't think she needs to be in a music video."

Ohh, okay. We get it now. Justin simply thinks Kendall is too famous to be in a music video. Video vixens are usually the beginners in the business, if you know what we mean.

During the same chat, Bieber also reflected on his recent decision to release a Snapchat video in which he asked fans to respect his right to privacy whenever they catch sight of him in public. Dude, isn't that big of a selfie fan.

"Already, things are changing," Justin said. "I think the more I'm vocal about what I want I think it's going to make the relationship easier and better. They don't realise how much it's affecting me when you're coming, and not only that you're putting your camera in my face and you want me to do something for you and take a picture for you but you're not respecting my space."

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