Katy Perry Gets Kissed By a Girl, Isn't Sure What to Think About It

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We're not sure how Katy Perry ended up picking this particular fan out of a crowd of thousands of people at Rock in Rio over the weekend - it might have been the "smiley faced t**ties" - but we're glad she did because it gave us this epic four-minutes of extreme awkwardness.

Things started out weird when Katy couldn't understand the girl's name. She settled on "Raiaiaia" which is probably totally not her name, but since Queen Katy called her that AND it became its own hashtag, it might as well be.

#Raiaiaia is very...um, affectionate...and Katy isn't sure what to make of the whole thing. Of course, KP has her own theory about why she is getting so grabby, but we're just going to go with overexcitement and being totally overwhelmed with emotions.


Katy handled the awkward encounter like a total pro and, as if going viral isn't enough, #Raiaiaia has a pretty epic selfie to show for the whole thing.
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