Netflix Made a "Netflix and Chill" Button Called The Switch

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Not much is left to the imagination when someone asks you to Netflix and chill.

But Netflix just flipped the script by introducing something called The Switch, which was unveiled as a prototype at the 2015 World Maker Faire, as reported by E! News.

The Switch is basically designed to get your room ready for - ahem - Netflix and chilling by dimming the lights, turning on your TV and switching on Netflix, silencing your phone and even ordering you takeout.

"You'll see that we built a switch that does everything you need to get ready for a Netflix marathon with just one press," reads the website.

The only problem is that you have to actually make The Switch, which involves a tiny feat of engineering, which is, IMO, pretty much the opposite of chilling. But I guess impressing bae makes it all worth it?

The 13-step instructions involve writing code, so unless you are interested in a mini tech lesson (which, don't get us wrong, could be totally cool!), you might just want to stand up and walk over to the light switch to turn it off. But, that's just us.

This invention also reminds us of something that was created by our #BUILTBYGIRLS team, who dreamed up a similar device that reduces distractions during study time by controlling lights and music.

Anyway, here's the video from the Netflix site:

So if you're game to let your inner engineer come out, bust out your tool kit and then send that text to bae: "Netflix and chill?"


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