Twitter Might Get Rid of Its 140-Character Limit

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Have you ever wanted to express yourself on Twitter but the character limit prevented you from getting your thoughts out in one tweet? It looks like those days might be over soon.

Re/code is reporting that Twitter is working on a new product that will let users post tweets longer than that character limit, which has been the social media network's trademark since its inception.

It's not clear what that product will look like, but sources told the site it would give Tweeters the chance to publish long-form content to the site. Apparently, the company has been chatting about the possibility of increasing the character limit for quite some time, and they're finally open to giving it a shot.

Of course, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. While we would love to have a little extra room when we need it, we could see this getting abused...and it looks like a lot of Twitter users aren't huge fans of the idea. Maybe – as a ton of Tweeters suggested after the announcement – Twitter could come up with an edit button for Tweets. That certainly changed our lives on Instagram.

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