Why Hashtag #StandWithPP Is Going Viral

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For the second time this month, Planned Parenthood is making social media news with a #StandWithPP campaign across Facebook.

PP has been very much in the public eye since a series of secretly recorded videos featuring PP execs discussing fetal tissue were released. PP fought back saying the videos were misleading and that the organization follows federal law that prohibits the sale of fetal tissue, but allows for some reimbursement, as reported by CNN.

Just last week, the government voted to cut federal funding to PP, and legions of women took to Twitter to share their abortion stories with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion, as the backlash from pro-lifers quickly flooded in as well.

On Tuesday, September 29, PP President Cecile Richards attended a politically and emotionally charged hearing by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, striking nerves with both the Democrat and Republican legislators present.

In response, people have taken to social media again to share their support for PP. Using the hashtag #StandWithPP, girls and guys are adding Twibbons to their Facebook profile pictures.

Ariana Grande is one of the celebs supporting #StandWithPP: Here's what the description for the movement on the Twibbon page says:

"Politicians are using false allegations to attack Planned Parenthood & harm women. We aren't fooled, we fight for women's health and rights, and we #StandWithPP."

On any social or political issue, we're always glad to see girls taking a stand for what they believe in! Do you, ladies!


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