BAM! Singer Slams Haters For Criticizing Her Freckles

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Recently, anonymous cyberbullies tried to come for Australian singer-songwriter Ricki-Lee Coulter when she posted a makeup-free selfie that showcased her freckles (which are totally gorg, BTW). Unfortunately, the photo of the singer in all of her stunning natural glory brought out a nasty group of trolls who set out to spread their misery by leaving some ridiculous body-shaming comments on her Instagram page.

The good news is they didn't get very far on their hate-filled mission, thanks to Ricki-Lee's show of unstoppable, "I woke up like this" confidence. The singer penned a spot-on message addressing those who failed to infringe upon her freckled flawlessness.

"It makes me so sad that there are people out there that are so miserable in their own lives that they will turn a candid moment and a beautiful memory into something negative and nasty," she wrote. "Please do me and everyone else here a [favor] and unlike my page, then go and get yourself a life."

Yes and amen to that.

While we love to see celebs at their glitziest, it's also extremely refreshing to see stars like Ricki-Lee,
Kourtney Kardashian and Beyonce toss their cosmetics to the side to share makeup-free selfies. In addition to displaying a more human side to their fans, it also sends the message that there's absolutely nothing wrong with women rocking, flaunting, and most importantly, accepting their makeup-free appearances.

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