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Can You Really Escape the Freshman 15 and the Sophomore 20?

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As you were getting ready to return back to school or for your first year on campus, you probably stopped yourself from packing your new pair of boyfriend jeans. I'm probably not going to fit into these after a week being in college, you told yourself. Well, you were wrong. It's time to put all those notions aside of the freshman 15, sophomore 20, junior 25 and the senior 30, because it's actually possible to live a healthy lifestyle in college. Here's how:

You Can Be Active
We know after a long day of classes, the last thing on your mind is to hit up the school gym, run into people you know and throw yourself on the treadmill. You need to find motivation to stay healthy and active, so that you won't see working out as a dreadful thing. Try some of the fun fitness classes that your school's recreation center offers. Yoga, Pilates and Zumba are so fun that you forget you're actually burning calories.

To avoid that "OMG, everyone's staring at me as I sweat" fear, grab your gym buddy, so you won't feel completely alone in working that bod out. (Side note: People who go to the gym are only there to focus on themselves, so they're most likely not going to care about what you're doing.) Try to work out at least three days a week while giving yourself time to study and finish homework. If you already know you're going to have a lot to do after class, then get that workout in the morning. If gyms really just aren't your thing, there are tons of more options. My favorite workouts come from YouTube videos, such as PopSugar Fitness. Love them!

You Can Eat Healthily
One of the main reasons why college students easily stack on some pounds has a lot to do with always being on the go, stress eating and late night cravings. When you're hungry, you turn into the Hulk, and it sounds something like: "I'm hungry and I need food NOW!"

You have to realize that part of living a healthy life in college is calming down a bit when that appetite starts kicking in. You should check out all the options in front of you and narrow it down to something that will fill you up without making you feel like Miss Piggy. I know salads can get boring, so change it up by planning a cooking night with your roommates. Unleash your inner Rachael Ray or Giada, and whip up something tasty and healthy with your pals. Seasoned veggies with grilled chicken shouldn't take the whole night to make. You can also look up recipes on Pinterest that are light and easy to recreate.
You don't have to go detox crazy to start eating right. Don't restrict yourself too much; instead, stick a cheat day in once in awhile. We all know stressful eating is bound to happen, so maybe it's best to cut back on those M&Ms and stock up on some nuts like almonds, sunflower seeds and pistachios or easy to eat fruits like grapes and oranges.

For the late night cravings, those can be easily controlled. Start off your morning with a good breakfast and no, just the Lucky Charm marshmallows don't count! Make sure you also eat lunch at a reasonable time leaving space for dinner before 7 p.m. You can snack mindfully in between and drink lots of water, so that you won't feel as if you're going to pass out if you don't eat right away. You'll feel satisfied throughout the entire night, and those late night cravings will be last semester's problems.

If you're back on campus as a new 21-year-old, you're probably going to want to celebrate at least every weekend and become the bartender's best friend. If you're planning to drink, be mindful of the kinds of drinks you're having. Counting calories will be the last thing on your mind at a bar, but those cool-looking fishbowls that everyone and their moms have pictures with are loaded with tons of sugar. Sure, you can enjoy one, but don't make it a habit. A serving of light beer, red wine or white wine has about 100 calories, so having one or two won't ruin your healthy living momentum. If you're a mixer type of gal, use club soda, lemons, limes or honey for a healthier alternative in mixing your drinks with something else.

You Can Sleep
I know it's not easy trying to go to sleep early on Thursday nights, especially when you need to watch every ShondaLand show (they're just too darn good). If you're showing up to your 8 a.m.s looking like Crazy Eyes, you should probably leave the binge-watching for the weekends. Even if you don't have those dreadful, way-too-early-to-function lectures, it's still important to get seven to eight hours of sleep. The only way you're going to stay awake and energized throughout the day is if you allow your body to rest. Getting a good rest allows your body to function properly and gets your metabolism up and running for the next day.

If you read through these tips and now believe that you can live a healthy lifestyle in college, then -hugs- . You've accomplished so much to get to where you are, so enjoy your years in college and don't let them go by fast. Your body allows you to do all the things you love, so treat it right. If you're eating and drinking cautiously, you'll be prone to feeling good about yourself, which will allow you to continue staying active. Then, you'll be able to sleep like a babe, and you'll be able to focus in class and get all your work done. The secrets to a healthy lifestyle really are interconnected!

P.S. Make sure to retrieve those BF jeans the next time you go home!
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