Demi Lovato Adorably Confuses 'Genes' and 'Jeans'

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Tomato, to-mah-to...genes, jeans. It's all the same, right? Welll, not exactly. Demi Lovato had a mini flake moment (been there, girl!) and totally confused "jeans" and "genes." And it was hilarious, because Demi.

We've always had a thing for the way Demi doesn't take herself too seriously and can have a laugh at her own expense, but this ditzy mix-up takes the cake.

Demi just had a slight brain fart over two words that sound the same – and, oh yeah, it happened to be captured on video.

While appearing on BBC Radio 1's The School Run bit, she surprised some kids after school, saying, "I'm driving you guys. Is that okay?"

Honestly, how these girls didn't totally lose their ish is beyond us, and when Demi asked about what they learned, one of them answered, "In health, we learned about inherited genes and stuff."

Demi responded, "Okay, that's good. Like hand-me-down clothing?" Um. Demi?

Not to worry though – she figured it all out, adding, "Right, right. Because of mom and dad. Genetics...genes, got it." Nice recovery.

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