Yikes, This Facebook Throwback Could Ruin Your Online Reputation

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Do you carefully edit your Facebook wall, untagging everything that's less than perfect so that the internet version of you is cool AF?

Well, Buzzfeed clued us in to the fact that there's a corner of your Facebook profile that you don't even realize is there, just being embarrassing and all. For years, you've left a very incriminating piece of evidence OUT THERE ON THE INTERWEBS.
Scream QueensAre you totally freaking out yet? We are.

Don't worry, we got you fam. Here's how to keep your internet reputation from going to sh*t:

1. Go to your profile page and click "About." Phew...nothing too horrifying yet. That IS an excellent selfie that you chose as your prof pic.
2. Scroll down to "Details About You." Uh oh, that can't be anything good.
3. You'll notice a "Favorite Quotes" section that you probably filled out when you were like, 12 years old. Do you even remember writing this stuff?

You'll probably find some old emo song lyrics, quotes from a TV show that nobody watches or maybe even a totally bizarre inside joke with a friend you don't talk to that hasn't been funny since 2011.

So hurry up and erase this stuff from the internet for good. Aren't you glad we told you about this?


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