Son Phone Home...Like Now! Watch as This Mom Hilariously Urges Her Son to Call

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College is an exciting time full of parties, friends, sports and independence.

But don't let all of that enjoyment keep you from remembering the important things like homework, grades, and...calling home?
At least, that was the lesson that Liam McCarney, a student in Gettysburg, PA, was forced to learn the hard way...

When Liam neglected to call his mother, Ann McCarney, during his time away at school, she decided to send him a friendly little the most HILARIOUS and creative way possible.

In a video posted to Facebook, Ann throws some epic shade at her son and his no-calling behind. Even better? She posts it online for the entire world to hear!

"Do you remember that that was me who gave you life? I just haven't heard from you in a while and I thought maybe you forgot about me," she says. "And when you're in your dorm at night, do you just lay there and think: 'Wow, I wonder who fed me for the first 18 years of my life'? Well, I don't wanna brag but that was me!"

And if that wasn't funny enough, Ann then proceeds to sarcastically give her son a quick tutorial on "how to make a phone call"...just in case he forgot how.


So, college kids: CALL. YOUR. PARENTS.

I mean, as Ann points out in the video, they did raise you. The least you can do is contact them every now and again...

I bet you that our friend, Liam McCarney, won't ever forget to call now...

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