Watch Jennifer Lawrence Put a Crazy Amount of Marshmallows in Her Mouth

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Jennifer Lawrence has skills (and habits) we never imagined.

As our girl, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth sat around a fire at MTV's "Camp Mockingjay" recently, the Hunger Games stars revealed a few gross-out things about themselves that shocked us. And J.Law proved she could fit more marshmallows in her mouth than we ever thought anyone could do.

During a game of Truth or Dare, host Josh Horowitz asked the trio "what's the most disgusting habit among the three of you?" Jennifer immediately put Josh on blast saying he does everything from "cricking his neck" and blowing "spit bubbles when he's thinking." And then...Josh blew several spit bubbles to prove her point.

That was just about as gross as J.Law's "disgusting" habit, which she happily admitted to. "My gross one is I probably don't wash my hands after I go to the bathroom," she said. "And then she likes to come back and literally put her hand all over your face," Liam quipped. We literally screamed on the inside after all of that.

Then, while everyone had that on their mind...Jennifer was challenged to see how many marshmallows she could put in her mouth...using her hands. The amount of marshmallows that she was able to stuff in her mouth was completely jaw-dropping, and that was just the beginning.
Wait until you see what else they (mainly Jennifer) all admitted to in the clip above. We can't stop laughing at it.

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