We Can't Stop Watching This Insane Slow-Mo Jell-O Video

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This really shouldn't be as interesting as it is. At its very core, the video is five minutes of people smashing Jell-O with a tennis racquet, playing in slow motion so you can see every single millisecond of strange, colorful blob action. And it's GLORIOUS!


The video was created by The Slow Mo Guys, who do exactly what their name implies - they create videos of themselves doing things, slow it down and make it ten times more interesting than it was when it happened in real time.

We've seen them do some really, really weird ish in the past - like take a soccer ball in the face, stick their fingers in a mouse trap and take a Taser to a bare back, all for the sake of slow-mo.

But this Jell-O video has a special place in our hearts, because while the other ones make us cringe a little bit, this one is strangely captivating and somehow beautiful in its own weird way.

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Even the still shots are stunning. Yes, we just spent five minutes watching Jell-O being smashed...and we regret nothing!

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