6 Rules for Borrowing Clothes From Your Squad

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A perk of having some awesome, generous ladies in your life? Your clothing options are way, way better. If you and your girls are all about sharing clothes, accessories, and shoes (there is nothing better than having friends with the same shoe size) then you know how sweet it is to be able to go "shopping" without having to spend a dime.

Of course, while there are plenty of perks of peeking through a friend's closet, it's not a total free for all. You still have to respect your pal's boundaries and the clothes that they so lent you so you could look the absolute fiercest. Here are the six unofficial rules of borrowing your squad's stuff. (Because you so want to keep on doing it, right?)

1. Stuff with price tags on it are off-limits unless otherwise noted.

It doesn't matter how adorable you think your friend's new pumps are, or if you know that she got them on sale: if she hasn't worn them yet, you shouldn't be the first person to break them in.

2. If you stain or rip something, fess up.

You didn't mean to tear your friend's fave sweater, but it happened. Offer to replace it or take it to the tailor so she doesn't have to deal with that ish.

3. If you stain it, clean it up - immediately.

Your mom taught you a long time ago not to let a stain set, and the rule applies a million times harder if you're wearing someone else's jeans and spill pasta sauce all over them. If you're afraid of effing up the cleanup, take the clothes to the dry cleaner.

4. Don't return dirty clothes. That's just gross.

You love your friends, but not so much that you appreciate their gross sweat on your clothes. Don't put cleaning the clothes you borrowed on them.

5. Don't borrow clothes you know you'll stretch out.

Not everyone has the same body type, and everyone should feel comfortable flaunting whatever it is they got. But if you feel like your boobs basically need to be taped down to fit into your friend's top, don't wear it: you could stretch out the shirt and/or cause awkward rips you'll have to explain the next day.

6. Remember that your friend's clothes aren't a gift, they're a loan.

Return everything in a timely fashion, and treat their clothes like you would want yours treated.

The squad that styles together, stays together - as long as they respect each other's stuff in the process.
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