Awkward! Demi Lovato Asked If She Sings Better Than Selena Gomez

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This is so awk. In a recent interview, Demi Lovato was asked if she's a better singer than Selena Gomez. Yeah. Someone actually asked her that. Demi was a total pro with her answer though.

During a rapid fire question segment in her interview with Swedish radio station RIX FM, Demi was asked to answer yes/no about a variety of things.

Those included personal questions like whether she trims her hair 'down there' (she swears by laser treatments), if she's ever killed an animal (WTF?) and if she sings better than Selena (around 9:00 in the video).

She answered, "What? That's not even a good question." When pressed to answer, Demi responded smartly, "We both sing great."

Demi is getting hella good at avoiding uncomfortable questions – take, for instance, her answer to a question about Selena and Nick Jonas dating, where she answered "I'm Switzerland!" Keeping it neutral is sometimes the best approach.

During the chat, Demi also revealed her "very flexible" party trick (she's double jointed) and that she prefers to stay home rather than go out, explaining, "I bloomed too early."

Interestingly, Selena recently addressed her vocal talent, telling Flare magazine, "I'm not the best singer - like, I know I'm not Céline Dion," explaining, "My strength is translating emotion, because I'm such a feeler."

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